January 13, 2012

Welcome Mr Snow....

  Lily has been very anxiously awaiting your joining us.
   This winter so far has been absolutely marvelous in every way lots of sunshine, warm days, and no snow. Most days I would actually forget that we hadn't had a snowy winter yet, and just assume we were well on our way to spring. It was wonderful, well wonderful for everyone but Lilybear.
  Most mornings as soon as she awoke she would run to the back door and look out the window, what she was looking for I never really knew until today. This morning as soon as Lily woke up she ran to the window and yelled "Its snowing it's snowing mama its snowing come here look" So I got up and looked out the window with her and sure enough it was snowing and blowing ever so fiercely.
Go out and walk in snow mama pweese, mama go walk in snow she asked I assured her that if the winds died down a little bit and it wasn't to to cold outside we would go play in the snow for a little bit after breakfast.
So that is what we did... and as a little side note i would like to add My Goodness getting all of the winter gear on a 2 yr old is a absolute nightmare lol the snowpants were fine but the boots and mittens, oh the mittens ...... not fun in the least bit..... there has to be a better way lol.

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