December 29, 2012

The first real snow of the season

  This morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of white snow covering pretty much everything. Lily jumped out of bed and instantly ran to the window ( how she even knew it snowed out shocked me,  I had no idea haha) where she squealed with delight. "It snowed!!!! It snowed!!! Mama IT SNOWED!!!! LOOK LOOK LOOK!!" and before I was able to roll out of bed and look out the window Lily was gone and back with her boots and jacket. 

   With that being said, We spent the first 45 minuets of our morning building our very first family snowman.


September 16, 2012

The Big 3

 This year Lily decided that she wanted a curious george birthday party. So that is what we threw together. Here are a few pictures from her fun little curious party.

It turned out to be such a nice day and we were so happy to have so many wonderful friends and family in our lives. Thank you to everyone for making Lily's birthday so special for her.

September 12, 2012

The day you turned three...

  Today your daddy and I both took vacation days from work and like every year declared it a family holiday. Your birthday was spent celebrating you and all the love we have in our hearts for you. We started the day off with lots and lots and lots of balloons. Mama and Daddy well mainly Daddy stayed up way into the night to blow up 100 balloons for you.
  When you woke up that morning I think you just knew that today was YOUR special day, even before the balloons and the happy birthday hugs and kisses. I swear you woke up older.. taller.
  The whole day was filled with silly's and giggles. We drove out to the painted penguin where we picked out a little ballerina kitty to paint, we roamed the mall and checked out multiple pet stores,and stopped for lunch in the food court. Later in the evening we went to menchies for a froyo treat and afterwards we met grandma and poppy at a restaurant to celebrate your birthday and lastly, after dinner we met at our hours to sing and eat cake.
  I would say today was a success and we are so glad we were able to share such a special day together. Mama and Daddy love you more than you will every be able to comprehend, heck we cant even fully comprehend how much love we have for such a little big brown eyed girl.
  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!!!!!


The little girl who turned....THREE

 Dear Liliana,

   My darling Liliana.... Happy Birthday to you!!

I realize now why on their children's birthdays mamas everywhere say reminiscing things like " On this day X number of years ago, I was bringing you into this world" It's because it is something that will always feel like it was yesterday, whether that X is a 3 or 33. Every year on this day for the rest of my life I will relive the power, emotion and love of that experience.

Truly it feels like just yesterday I was in the hospital holding your tiny body against mine. I was overcome with joy and lost in the shock that you were here and I was actually holding you in my arms. All of the months of anticipation and planning had come and gone so fast. You have changed everything about me, Lily Bear. I move and act and think differently since you were first laid across my chest. I have more purpose behind my reasons and more motivation to my actions.

I have intently watched you grow from an Infant, to a Baby, to a Toddler, and now to what I am hearing is called a pre-schooler. All of these stages have come and gone in what feels like a single breath. Each stage a little more exciting than the last. 

I marvel in your existence and spirit. I am so proud of your creativity and energy and the way that you are so accepting of everyone that you meet. I love how engaged you are with what is around you always exploring and asking how and why. You are so lovely in your smallness, in your braveness, and in the sweetness of your heart. Here is to three wonderful and beautiful years of you Liliana Lee. On this very day three wonderful years ago in the heart of the night I was bringing you into this world - and it was the start of everything.

I can't wait to marvel in another year of love and exploration with you, my darling girl. Here is to a life time of watching you grow and become.The world is yours for the taking and I have no doubts that it is what you will do.

I love you with every part of my being 
for Forever and a Day


September 1, 2012

The County Fair

 As far as I am aware Lily and I have both enjoyed are very first county fair together. There is just something different about a county fair, something that removes all of your stresses and leaves them at the entrance. Something that pulls you just a little bit closer to your family. Something that forces you to reminisce about your childhood. There is something so antique about a county fair. It is a memory and feeling I hope to hold onto for the rest of my life.

August 15, 2012

Little Harvestor

 Teaching Lily the joy of eating tender sweet peas fresh from the garden has been one of life's little pleasures for me. It brings back sweet memories of youthful summers with my Poppy. The grass stained feet, dirt stained hands, fresh air and all of the love and fresh produce you could handle.
  Just the other day, Lily was able to experience the pure joy of picking a big red juicy tomato. Fresh off the stalk and biting into it just like an apple, and boy did she enjoy it.

Lily Says.....

Today Lily and I were discussing how her godmother Aunt Theresa was going to see her this coming Sunday.

Me: Lily did you know Aunt Theresa is also your god mother

Lily: Yes !!!! Aunt Theresa is my fairy godmoder. JUST LIKE CINDERELLA!!!!!!!

 heheheh this kid is on a roll this week 

Hide n See

On a daily basis Lily shocks me with something random that I have no idea that she either knows or understands about.
 Today was no different . Well on a little mid morning hike through the woods, Lily decided to stop walking, lean on a tree, and start counting. As I turned to look and see what she was doing she shouted " Mom you hide when i count"
So I did and Lily and I spent the next hour playing hide n seek in the woods together. It really made for a wonderful afternoon.

August 10, 2012

Lily Says....

 I walked into our bedroom today to find Lily holding my cell phone in the air moving it all around. She had enabled the camera function and was looking at the room through the video screen.
   Me: Lily what are you doing?
   Lily: Look mama!! The Future!!!

August 9, 2012

The No Cavity Club!!!!!

 Congratulations on being an awesome kid!!! On Thursday, you went to your  first dentist appointment and you did wonderfully. As usual you surprised the doctor with your cool kid temperament.
  Your appointment started out with a little meet and greet of all the friendly instruments that would be used. Lets see you met Mr tickles the electric toothbrush, Mr mirror the mirror on a stick, Mr Sun the bright light they used to see inside your mouth, Mr explorer the pick like tool, Mr squirt the little water rinser, and last but not least your favorite Mr thirsty the mouth vacuum. You weren't to sure about mr thirsty at first but after one kiss he quickly became your favorite.
  The nice hygienist Mrs Sara let you sit in the silly dentist chair all by yourself and even took you on a little ride up and down.
  After getting settled in you opened up and let Mrs Sara clean, shine, and polish your pearly whites. She even let you pick out your fluoride flavor. Bubble gum was your flavor of choice; for two reason one because it was pink and you love anything pink and two you told Mrs Sara because "when i go on the airplane to texas i get gum like mama"
  Once you finished your fluoride treatment the dentist Dr Schneider came in took look at your teeth and give them some vitamins. Once she was all finished she declared you a member of the no cavity club and let you pick out two surprises and a balloon.
  I am so proud of you Lily, You are one of the bravest little girls that I have ever had the honor of knowing and I am so proud to be your mama.

July 13, 2012

A day for new friends

"Childhood is when the world to come is an adventure to be met"

It is one of my greatest joys to be able to watch Lily grow into this wonderful little person that she is. To be able to witness her achievements day in and day out. To watch her overcome obstacles and learn from past experiences. 
I marvel at all that is my Liliana.

Recently lily and I have been very fortunate to have been blessed with a few very wonderful new friendships. It is really neat to be making friends with mama's who have kiddos around the same age. And it is even neater ( if that is even a real word) to be able to watch Lily develop these little friendships.

Just the other day Lily and I met a friend and her adorable little boy up at the duck pond for a quick mid morning stroll. It was a real pleasure to watch Lily and him interact with one another, though they are almost exactly a year apart they played so well together. They chased each other among-st the trees, explored the lily ponds, and searched for birds. 
 Though our trip was short it was definitely a sweet one.
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