April 11, 2011

Dear Liliana,

   It is so hard for me to believe that tomorrow you are going to be 19 months old. Over a year and a half , how did that time go by so fast I swear it happened in only an instant. I can still feel the excitment of holding you in my arms for those first moments, kissing your head,whispering how much i love you in your ears, comforting your first cries, and feeding you for the first time.All of these memories are still so raw and yet here you are a toddler a 19 month old beautiful little girl with your mommy's hair and your daddy's eyes.
   More so lately I have been reminded that you are Not a baby anymore, but a Toddler. It is still hard for me to grasp. I often just stop and watch you in amazement of how much you have learned in these past few months and how very smart you are. I am so proud of you, words can not express the amount of pride that my heart is filled with for you. Watching you problem solve, and play is like watching the ocean waves hit the shore, it is one of those things that just draws you in, and doesn't allow you to look away.  It is like a warm spring breeze, after a hard winter, you just want to soak it up and enjoy every last minuet. That is how i feel when I watch you do anything Lily. Especially knowing what I now know, how quickly time seems to fly by.
   Your father and I have been teaching you your ABC's and how to count to ten. I must say you have the counting down, you jumble the numbers up sometimes but you speak them so well, and are so proud of yourself. You are such the little artist coloring and writting on anything that we allow. You can find a pen or writting instrument in an instant, sometimes I think you are hiding them in your diaper or pull them out of thin air. The other day Daddy and I caught you coloring on the wall with crayon, secretly i was proud.
  You have started to form your own sentences, and speak more and more clearly everyday. You repeat EVERYTHING that you hear and i mean everything. Just today as I was making you lunch you put in your very own dvd baby wordsworth and hit play, you repeated EVERY word that they introduced during the show. I was amazed I never knew you could say table, chair or window. You are amazing and as much as it seems to fill my mama heart with sadness for how quickly our days go by, I feel so blessed to be able to watch you grow and explore new things EVERYDAY.
  I love you with all of my heart and soul, and I am honored to be your Mama. I look forward to many more daily discoveries with you.


April 9, 2011

5 things that made me smile this week

   This week has been a very Very, im sorry have I mentioned VERY tough week for all three of us... Our week started off with a horrible let down and test of my patience on Monday, a Sick little girl on Tuesday, a stressed out Daddy on Wednesday, and a completly overwhelmed mama on Thursday.... Well needless to say we decided to end this week Early. We took off of work on Friday and declared it Family Friday. It was a BLAST not a worry all day long, just smiles, laughter, and a nice long day at the zoo.

Even though I could not wait to get this week over, here are 5 things that made me smile this week:

1. This photo we thrifted titled the Good Old Days... ours is painted with acrylic it appears, is slightly darker, and has a nice wooden frame. We hung it near the T.v above our book case. I find myself starring at it everynight, It always brings a smile to my face.

2. Sundays weather forcast.... though there is a chance of a early morning thunderstorm the high is suppose to be 78 degrees Ahhhh yes FINALLY that has plastered a smile on my face for sure.

3. Our roomate Charley ( notice I did not call him our "cat ", i know better he rules our house) We have a very love irritate relationship but he always knows when i need a little cheering up and he is right there to give it
.4. Seeing Liliana's smile. Her big smile can melt anyone's worries away in just an instant.
5. The two loves' of my life, I love to watch them interact with one another.


    Have you ever seen a more guilty face in your life? Doubt it unless you have a toddler, and it is official we now have a Toddler!!!!

Our hall way wall.

It made me smile only because I knew this would happen. I think I have been secretly waiting for this to happen just so I really really believe I have a toddler. Thank goodness Crayola makes there toddler crayons washable.
  But if i do say, I think she did a marvelous job on her drawing.

April 6, 2011

Dear Liliana,

  Tonight we took you to the mall for a quick trip; you waived to the Easter Bunny and Mommy and Daddy got fitted for wedding bands, and than we left. Once we got you back in the car and buckled up, we noticed Bunny was missing. ( oh jeez just writting this im tearing up). I took off back into the mall rushing around asking everyone if they had seen a little well loved pink bunny blanket. I retraced our steps over and over again, and filled out countless missing item reports. Disappointed and heart broken for you I fought back tears as I walked back to the car checking each garbage can that I pasted. I could not believe how upset I was over a tiny lost bunny.
  Being your Mother has changed so much inside of  me. It has made me a much stronger women. Yet instilled this warm soft spot, that lets my heart break at just the thought of you hurt, sad, or disappointed. I wish that i could shield and protect you from all those things. But i know no matter how hard I try I can not.
  With that being said, I am happy and relieved to say YOU had bunny with you the whole time. As I walked out of the mall and back into the parking. Head hung down low. I looked up and there you were smiling and waving at me bunny in hand, just where she belonged snuggled in your embrace.
  You teach me so much everyday about life. And today I learned that my heart though very strong, can break in a instant for you. Also, that i really need to keep a better eye on bunny when i let you bring her places. I love you so much Liliana, you are my world my everything and i promise to protect you from as much hurt and disappointment as humanly possible

Lily's Well Loved Pink Bunny
Grandma bought Lily Bun when she was 3 months old.. It was love and friendship at first sight
Bunny is such a big part of our family

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