January 7, 2012

A Perfect Day for the Zoo

 Today was a beautiful 60+ degree sunny day, and I actually had the day off of work.
 After playing zoo with Lily after breakfast I asked her if she would like to take a trip to the zoo with Mama today. She immediately jumped up and started up the stairs calling for me to follow behind her. " Get dressed go to zoo mama"
 She picked out her clothes, brushed her hair and teeth, helped pack some snacks for the day and was out the door.

 It was a gorgeous day for the zoo, like I said it was 60+ degrees outside and sunny. Nothing like the January days we are accustomed to here in Ohio. Picture perfect. Lily and i spent 4 hours walking around the zoo. It just might have been my favorite zoo trip ever. Just Lily, me and all of the active animals.

 We spent a good portion of our trip playing with, chasing, and looking for our shadows. Which is a total new concept for Lily. I'm not really sure when or where she picked it up, but recently everything is about her newly discovered buddy;shadow.

 All of the animals were out and about today we saw the lions walking around, the black bear cubs playing a game of tag, a family of rinos snuggling up for a nap, and we even snuck a little pet from a curious kangaroo.Which I am totally bummed because he nuzzled my camera lens with his nose and i thought that i took the picture but apparently i did not so ya bummer, oh well we have the experience and the mental memories.

 Oh yeah, and this little guy right here. He came right up to the camera and nuzzled the lens through the chain fence and than kept his little snot there and we touched him. In case you're wondering Kangaroo's feel just like bunnies.



Crazyjoe2121 said...

Grrrreat pictures!!! You need to start entering your pics in photo contests, you are quite the little Photographer!!!! I am so proud!!! Love you guys! :)

Jen said...


I have to agree. You take fantastic pictures. They are really professional quality. Lily looks like an amazing cutie pie too!

Love ya


Jules said...

Thank you :)

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