February 28, 2011

" I will love you forever, I will like you for always, as long as I am living my baby you'll be"

Our Weekend

This Weekend started with a Horrible snowstorm that left the roads in shambles and ended with an even worse rain/wind/thunderstorm that left roads and basements flooded.
Luckly, our weekend wasn't that eventful.
We laughed, loved, and played all weekend
While Jason rested at home healing; Lilybear and I made an appearance at the end of the evening to celebrate my cousins and sisters birthdays.
We had so much fun. Lily even made friends with her second cousin Joey.
I have not laughed so hard in along time. We had a blast hanging out with everyone on Saturday night. 
Sunday, we longed for Spring. Lily and I smelled our flowers and talked about everything that we will do once the snow melts and the temperature rises.
I can not wait for this spring. We are going to have to much fun together as a family.
Although I should not be rushing anything along.
With that said I sure hope it snows one more time so that i can take lily out on the sled.

February 17, 2011

This might as well be titled Lily's song.
We sing it to you all the time.
Even before you were born.

February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Handsome

 I thank God every single day for you, but today seems appropriate enough of a day to shout it on the roof tops.

I LOVE YOU, i love you, I love you, LOve, love, LOVE, loVe, Love You!!!!!!

I am so greatful to be your fiance, and be able to celebrate your birthday and many more right by your side. I hope that your 29th year brings you daily contentment, and many adventures.
I love you !!!!

Forever Yours,

February 9, 2011

Our Wise Friend

 Yesterday morning while getting ready for work I ran outside to grab something out of my car, when i noticed this little guy perched on our front light. At first I was startled, thinking what the heck is that. He was in a deep sleep so he looked kind of creepy, nothing like the cuteness he appears to have in this picture.

After, a little research I found that the owl is revered (honored) as being the guardian of the after-life – a highly respected emblem indeed. He is looked at as a protector, and one to give knowledge and great wisdom.

They say that if a owl has visited you, and incredible gift as been bestowed upon you. You can look at it from many different ways, it is said that these owl sightings may be messages for you to develop your education further.  Or, the owl may be trying to tell you to develop your intuition further. 

I think i'll take that as a further my education, especially since it is something that I have been trying to do for some time now. I guess Mr. Owl says get on it. So I will eeekk.


February 8, 2011


 Sitting at work today I decided to look back at some old pictures in the past year, and I am just so amazed at how much Lily has changed since last year at this time. I just had to share some of her pictures from last Feb when she was 5 months old. It is unbelievable that these photos' were only taken a year ago.

I have such mixed emotions looking back at these pictures. I am overwhelmed with pride, joy, love and yet sadness. They really do grow up to fast, and the days really do go by in a whirlwind but i would not change one day.


February 3, 2011

Our Lilybear has been sick. Not just your usual runny nose and cold sick, but actually sick. She has Bronchiolitis. She has been on a nebulizer for the past week, which has been very hard emotionally on all of us. Not only does she look at you with the worlds sadest eyes when you reach for the medication, but she cries so hard. Luckly Jason has mastered the book distraction with her, so that helps a lot.

Fortunitly, as of Tuesday she seems to be feeling 99% back to normal. Still has the horrible sounding cough and booger nose, but other than that her appetite, and easy going attitude is back. Yay it is so wonderful to have my healthy, happy, baby girl back to normal.

So I apologize for going MIA on everyone, but we are back. :)
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