January 23, 2012

Lily and Jack

Lily has taken dog ownership to a whole new level. I think she thinks that Jack is just hers and considers him her best friend. We’re used to him always being around us, but when she gets sight of him first thing in the morning, it always makes her happy. She will hug on him and kiss him and she loves when he is doing nothing else but sitting by her side.
She will often get in his face and “persuade”him to come sit next to her so she can “read” to him. She also loves to help me feed him, she’ll put two scoops of dog food in his bowl ever so carefully, then call him to come eat. Whenever we leave the house, I am sure to hear at least a few "bye bye jackie. see you soon" 's from the back seat. She really adores him and treats him like a best friend.


                                  He sure is one lucky puppy, to have such a loving loyal best friend like Lily, that is for sure.

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