January 6, 2012

Princess in Pigtails.
 Lily received a princess dress-up set from Mammaw for Christmas. She absolutely adores that dress, it has been worn to grandmas house, grocery shopping, gymnastics class, it is currently her favorite dress to wear . Oh I forgot to mention it was also her dress of choice to wear to Grammies house on Christmas-eve.

Lily is a true two year old. This picture completely captures her toddler-ism ( if that is even a word) and for that it is one of my favorites. The pink princess dress, the tiny pigtails,the baby buggy and baby in the background it all screams toddler.  It all screams Lily.

1 comment:

Crazyjoe2121 said...

Love that dress and little girl soooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! Thanks for sharing! Keep up the wonderful job on posting!!! Love ya!

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