January 26, 2012

letters to Lily: 28 Months

Dear Liliana,

  You are two years and four months old now. Like always I still can not believe how quickly time has been flying by. The last month with you has been, as every month with you is, excellent.  You are a firecracker – always telling stories and imagining fascinating things and running around like a wild animal.You are also hugely in love with singing, dancing, and jumping.  You are silly and clever and wonderful and we love you like crazy.

 Your imagination is incredible. You are always creating such elaborate plots when playing with your toy figures, that it just throws your father and I for a loop. You love playing catch with pretend footballs and hunting for monsters or robots around the house. Your father and you have this little game that you like to play with each other where you steal each others noses and eat them, than spit them up in the air and catch them. Usually this game last around 5-10 minuets and if is by far the cutest thing EVER to watch.

 This month you jump started learning to use the potty again. One night you just decided you wanted to start using the potty and you have been doing a very very good job at it, we are so proud of you. Although, I must admit Daddy and I really should be working a little bit harder with you, we have been slacking a little bit this past week and it really shows.But, I promise to do a better job guiding you along your potty train voyage.

 Another cool thing going on this month is that you moved into a big girl bed. Daddy took the front of your crib off and now you have the freedom to get in and out of bed as you please. But even better is you have not given us a hard time about going to bed at all. In fact you are even sleeping in a little bit longer every morning. You are so proud of your big girl bed and we are so proud of you.

  As always my dear girl, living these moments with you is a privelege.


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