December 16, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Our tree has been up for a few weeks now. We put it in the front corner by the television. I love it in that spot and i often catch myself just staring at it. Our tree is full of so many memories each ornament tells a story about our lives together and the family that we have made over the years. My favorite ornament this year is Lilys own little contributation: her bunny; though he is only perched when lily decides. I love how sincere she looks as she places her forever friend on the tree, and how excited she becomes after he is secure and safe nestled in the branches.

We let Lily run her fingers across the evergreen needles. We pluck off baby safe ornaments for her to turn over in her small hands and I keep making promises that as soon as mama gets her butt in gear and starts wrapping, soon there will be pretty packages to explore there too.

I can't wait to take Lily over her Grammie's house on Friday to make christmas cookies. It is going to be so much fun, i am going to take so many pictures. I really need to start capturing the simple special moments of Lilys life on film again, I was doing so good while she was a baby but now that she is a toddler and moving 100 mph it is so hard, but no more excuses. Pictures i will take even if they are all blurry.

Speaking of Lily being a Toddler. She reminds me little by little everyday how quickly she has and continues to transform from a baby to a toddler. Yesterday morning she surprised me by picking out her outfit. While folding laundry with me, Lily spoted her (im assuming favorite) dress in the basket. She picked it up and placed it on her head trying to get it on. She then walked over to me dress in hand, grunted, and signed "help". I just stopped and starred at her for a moment i couldn't believe my baby was picking out her first outfit and signing to me that she needed me to help her get it on. She astonishes me more and more each day I can not believe how smart my baby girl ..opps i mean big girl is... Anyways so i put Lilys dress on right over her pj's she was just beside herself spinning and clapping in her dress. I managed to snap a photo over her once she slowed down a bit.

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