December 26, 2010

Christmas and Christmas Eve in a Nutshell

Well Lilys second christmas was a complete success. It really is a shame that it came and went so quickly this year. It seems like just yesterday we put our tree up and now it is already about time to take it down. But then again that shouldn't surprise me because everything seems to be moving in warp speed.

Here is a little sum up of some of our Holiday according to Lily:

At Mamaws house, I played peek-a-boo in a gift bag, and declared it my tent.

At Great-Grams I danced and showed everyone my new piggie bank toy that your Aunt Pam bought ,I loved it so much I even slept with one of the coins all night.

At Grandma and Pop Pops I feasted on turkey and broccoli, enjoyed opening all of my gifts, and then played the whole time with my old alphabet block books.

At Papa and grandma's house I hung out with Papa and my new best friend cousin Skylar all night. I opened all of my presents and couldn't wait to start playing with them. I danced and twirled around the living room for Great Grandma and Uncle Kenny and Slept the whole way home.

Today I am going to go over Grammies and Grandpa's house with Great Grandpa Kobus and open more gifts and share another Delicious meal with my family.

*****pictures will be posted soon until then here is a picture from last christmas

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