November 9, 2010

My Super Brain Baby....

 Well i hate to brag but that is what mothers are good at so here goes. Liliana is so smart and i know it is not just me because everyone who meets her tells us how intelligent she is, even her doctor is impressed with how quickly she picks up on things, when she was 11 months old the doctor told us that mentally she was right up there with an 18 month olds mentality. I am so proud of my little girl. I cannot trully express how proud she makes me every single moment of every single day. She is so polite with her little "pwees and tanks" and sheshe shares so well anymore ( though that def took a lot of working on ). Lily can repeat almost any word you ask her to say and she is learning more and more sign language too. Now sometimes when she signs she will say the word with it, for example when she signs more ( which can easily be confused with ball, because she has declared them to be the same sign) she simply says mooor as she is signing. :) I am just beside myself with how much she knows. She knows alot more then anyone gives her credit for that is forsure, because everyday is a new surprise with her. Actually yesterday she just let me in on her little secret that she not only can say the color Blue, but she also knows what the color blue is. Well hate to cut my brag fest short, but assuming from the load bang i just heard, im pretty sure Lily just threw her monitor across the room.


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