December 29, 2010

Mmmer Sismis

Lilys Version of Merry Christmas

 Lily enjoying her afternoon Lunch. Mac n Cheese with mixed Veggies one of her favorites
 Lily colored ornaments for everyone for christmas. This one was my favorite and her first one so i kept it :)
 Some of the ornaments that Lily colored
 Adorable as usual
 Lily receieved a doll house from her Grammie and Grandpa, I assembled it while she was taking her nap. When she woke up she was so excited to see it, she said "whoah mama cool, cool, cool. down" and i set her down and she ran over to it,  kneeled it front of it, closely examined it, and then stood up and said cool. I love you excited she gets over everything.
 Lily rocking her equestrian sweater, leggings, and boots. She looks all ready to go horse back riding
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Thank you to Everyone for making my Christmas so special. I love and appreciate all of my gifts, and am very grateful to have been able to spend the Holidays with all of my friends and family.
Here's to a successful, Healthy, Joyous 2011

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