January 21, 2011

The Farmparks

This past Tuesday a friend of mine Shannon and I took Lily and her daughter Alexis ( such a cutie pie ) to the Lake Farmparks. Much to our surprise we were the only ones there besides a mother and her daughter. We had a such an amazing time together. I am so appreciative for the amazing park systems we have in Northeast Ohio.

We were nose to nose with so many animals - little one week old piglets, big pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, cows,horses, and mules. It was a blast! Lily and Alexis were filled with so much excitement the whole time. It was so rewarding to just stand back and watch them interact with the animals, so innocent and pure. At one point a goat even decided Alexis was a tasty treat, it was so funny she would squeal in delight every time he would lick her jacket.

Days like these make me really wish we lived in the country. To see the joy that the farm and the animals bring to Lily. To live and breath in the fresh country air. To feel free. Someday, hopefully not to far from now, we hope to fulfill that wish. But, for now we have our wonderful Metroparks and Farmpark to escape to whenever we please


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