January 14, 2011

16 Month Rundown

Stats: You are still so tiny. I put you on the scale this morning and it said you were 21 pounds. I measured you against the wall by getting you to look at a dent and by making a mark where your head was; 30 inches and your head measured at 18 inches. That puts you in the 25% percentile for your age. 

Teeth: Slowly but surely your teeth are emerging. Your two front teeth and two bottom teeth are all the way in, and have been for about a month or so. Currently your poor little mouth has been working hard on three new teeth which have broken the surface for about a week, but have ceased to progress since then. Your little teeth make you look so grown up, though i miss your baby gummy smile it tickles me to see all of those big white teeth in your mouth when you smile. Also, about your teeth you LOVE to brush them, we can not walk past the bathroom with out you wanting to brush your teeth. 

Feeding: You are Picky now. For the past 15 months you have loved and enjoyed anything that we have given you to eat, but now you just pick at everything and pretty much just push any meat we give you to the side of the plate. You do still love all of your fruits and veggies, which i am very thankful for .

Words: Your favorite things to say right now are: Up.Down which sounds like uh down uh down...more ....please which sounds like pweese.... potty which sounds exactly like potty.....stinky.....elmo which sounds like mo mo just the your uncle Alex used to say it when he was a baby.... Buh Bye, Hello which  is like Helwo...... and Chicken which sounds exactly like chicken but you say it really really fast it is so cute, by far one of my favorite Lily words... You are into repeating Everything we ask you to say or just anything you hear. 

Awesome stuff you're doing now: Coloring: You are so artistic our fridge is covered with all of your wonderful finger paintings, sticker pictures, and drawings. You get so excited when you see me pull out your art box with all of your crayons. We are still working on NOT eating the crayons while we color though.

You are such a big helper. You love to help me do whatever it is that I am doing. You help me fold laundry by sitting in the laundry basket and kindly throw clothes at me, and once I have the clothes folded in piles you love to rearrange the piles. Though it takes a lot longer then it used to I love our laundry dates. 

You love music, anytime you hear any kind of music you immediately will start clapping and dancing. More recently you picked up the ballerina dance, you spin and spin and spin i have caught it on video countless times. I just can not get enough of your dancing.

Your Loves: Mama and Dada we are still by far your favorites, I can not get enough of how your face lights up when one of us walks into a room, even if we were only gone a moment.

Bathtime: Oh how you love your baths. The other night you actually asked me to give you a bath before bed, You signed bath and said BAF BAF. I didn't even know you knew the sign for bath, but you showed me.

Bunny is still your ultimate security item. Bunny goes everywhere with us, but now stays in the car when we go into stores.

You love to put things away, which I love. We play the clean up game all of the time. Anytime you see a box or anything you can fit anything else inside, you better believe that is exactly what you are doing. Then after you have filled whatever it is that you were filling up you like to smash your little feet into it and sit down. Like a little birdie making a nest and then laying in it.

Your Dislikes: Snow, you love to watch it fall from the sky and walk in it. But please do not let it touch your skin. You hate the coldness of the snow.

You do not like for anyone to touch anyone else unless it is you. Mama and Dada can not even give each other a hug or snuggle on the couch in front of you anymore, you get so upset. It is kind of funny, but I hope you grow out of it soon.

We are so proud of you Liliana. Watching you grow everyday is the greatest delight of our lives.


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