March 6, 2012

Five little things I never want to be able to forget

Time is flying by at warp speed. And just really quickly I wanted to put down in a writing a few of my little mental notes, about you at two and a half years old. But I will keep it short and sweet because if I really listed everything that means the world to me right now about you, well that would take FOREVER!!

I never want to forget.........
      The way that no matter where we are at or what we are doing you ALWAYS have some tiny toy in your grasp, ready for a make believe adventure. And how if our house looks like a wreck in all of our pictures it is because anytime you ask us to "play" or "hold him pweese" for you, so that you can make whom ever talk to each other, you better believe it kiddo we stop get down on the ground, and enjoy the sweet,sweet moments of make believe with you.
    The way that any time you see Bandit awake you beg me to let her out to play with you, and how the whole time "Bandt" is out she is within arms reach from you.
    The way that you make us laugh EVERY single day, no matter what is going on. You are always dressing your self up with your headlands, de-de's ( what you call a make up brush, because one morning when I was applying some makeup I tapped your cheeks with the brush and made a de de de sound) and tutu's
The way that you so delicately touch my face when you think that I am sad or tired. You simply cup your little hands around my cheek and tilt your head and ever so sweetly ask me if I am alright. You have such a gentle soul it is only fitting that your touch would be the same. 
Lastly, but not really lastly just last for now .....
   The way that you sleep ... I can not help myself from watching you sleep it is so peaceful.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So cute! She is growing so fast and into a beautiful little lady. I love you Lily! And I look forward to our many make believe phone calls :)

Aunt Theresa

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