February 12, 2012


Jason turns thirty today.....THIRTY YEARS OLD.. So in honor of my wonderful husband this is for you......
Today is your birthday. Your BIRTHDAY! It might as well be a national holiday in my book. Because today is the anniversary of your existence and I can not imagine what would have become of my life had you not come along and made it so amazing.
You are an exceptional father, an incredible spouse, a loyal friend. I do not believe that there exists a person who could say a bad thing about you and that makes me proud too.
I know I tell you this often… but I am truly so lucky to be your wife.  It is a blessing to spend each day beside a man with such goodness, faith, strength and honesty. Thank you for loving Liliana and I with such sincerity.
All my love, Forever,

Happy Birthday Jason, My Love.

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