March 25, 2012

Ouch Mama Charley Bit Me

 This morning Lily was helping me make my bed and here comes Jack sniffing around trying to find Charley. Well turns out Charley was under our bed directly next to where Lily was standing so sure enough Charley lunged out to bite Jack and bit Lily's leg instead. Here is how the conversation went after Lily stopped crying

Daddy: Lily did Charley bite you

Lily: Yes, Charley bit my weg

Daddy: Aww I'm sorry, Charley was only scared and thought that you were Jack he didnt mean to bite you...Why don't you tell Charley you are not Jack

Lily: ( thinking hard for a second) CHARLEY I'M NOT YOUR FOOD!!!!!!!!! NOT YOUR FOOD

Heheheheheheh she crack's me up

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