November 4, 2011

Halloween with a 2 year old ROCKS!!!!!!

  Halloween with a two year old is anything short of AWESOME!! It was so much fun, everything from apple picking, costume making, zoo boo'ing, hay riding, pumpkin carving, and trick o treating.Each event was another new adventure. Yes i know this is technically Lily's third Halloween ( hold the boat ..rewind.. did i just say THIRD??? ) BUT, it was her first real Halloween- the kind that she is old enough to actually participate in.

  We let Lily pick out her own costume...Batman... I did however try and persuade her towards a princess or a little ladybug but she was serious about wanting to be na-na-na-na batman. So I busted out the old sewing machine and made her a pink batman costume. It came out pretty good, and she LOVED it!!!!

   We participated in a few Halloween/Fall festivities ( but unfortunately did not have the camera with us everytime) First we kicked off our fall fun with a little apple picking at patterson's, which is also where we had our wedding reception, so it was pretty cool to go back there. Lily had a blast picking apples she loved every minuet of it and didn't mind at all that it was freezing cold and pouring down rain.Once we finished apple picking we ventured up to the pumpkin patch and let lilybear pick out her very own lily sized pumpkin. Which she later painted.

   The next weekend we all went to Boo at the Zoo, late of course..sigh... but none the less we were there. Lily was soooo excited to be going to the zoo at night.

Go to zoo at night mama, go to zoo at night dada, go see elephant at night?"

is all we heard the whole way there. Once there Lily wanted to immediately go see the elephants, which we did than we ventured out to see the "spooky" zoo. I don't think we really heard much more out of lily other than "oh look at dat" or "ooo munster" for the rest of night. Boo at the Zoo was so much fun for the whole family and I am so glad that we were able to bring her back this year.
  Just thinking back on when we took her in 2010 how little she was and how cold and rainy and dead it was compared to this year. How differently she reacted to everything, last year was all claps and smiles this year was pure childhood enchantment and fun.I can't wait to see what next years boo at the zoo holds for us, but i have a feeling this year will always be my favorite.

 The following Friday we all went to the lake farmparks haunted hayride. I had never been to it before but Jason had, and he assured me that it would not be inappropriate for our little munchkin. As soon as we stepped foot in the LONG line for the hayride, Lily spotted the pony rides and boy did she want to go over there. We reasoned with her (as well as you can reason with a 2 yr old with a pony 15 ft away) and told her we would let her ride the pony before we leave. So as you can imagine for the rest of the trip she constantly asked about the pony ride. Really the whole pony ride needs to be a seperate post on its own. but lets just say i have NEVER seen Lily as happy as when she was sitting on the saddle of that pony. ( to bad i didn't have my camera cough* cough* jason)

  And finally our long awaited pumpkin carving and trick o treating blow out at Gramies house. Lily caught on to the art of trick o treating so fast. We took lily down the street i grew up on with Maggie, her friend Katie, and Jason. Than once we finished the street Jason took Maggie and Katie down a for more streets while Lil and I went back to gramies to pass out candy.

All in all we had a very succesful Halloween, and one that I am sure we will never forget.



Jennifer Fruscella said...

OMG Lily YOU are so cute! Wow. She is adorable. Love and miss you guys.

Aunt Jen and Violet

Jules said...

Thank you Jen , We love and miss you guys too

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