November 15, 2011

Bad Dreams

  This morning Lily woke up around 6:30am crying .. Lily never wakes up crying or cranky really.. So I walked into her room to see what was going on and found her sitting in the far corner of her crib just crying. When I picked her up she hugged my neck so tightly and just clung.

 I brought Lily into our room and laid her down on the bed. " Did you have a bad dream" I asked, not really thinking that she would tell me if she had or hadn't.

"Yes mama bad dream"she whimpered.... I asked her what her dream was about and do you know what she told me?

"Jellyfish and Jack"

I can only imagine how that one went!!!
All I have to say is Lily was very clingy to Jack all morning, until he stole her cheese, than it was on.

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