August 15, 2011

Wee-wee-wee-we go potty

Ok so it happened TODAY. Lily decided to jumpstart her potty training. This morning she poo-ed in the potty all by herself without any direction by me ( ok maybe a little push that poop out, chugga chugga poooo-pooo) Than, at daycare she poo-ed in the potty again all by herself.... all i have to say is HOTDOG, I have high hopes for my baby being out of diapers by her 2nd birthday ...... Keep up the good work baby girl. Mama is soooo PROUD OF YOU!!!!!
  I seriously do not know who was more excited about Lily poo'ing in the potty Lily or I. Oh and did i mention she poo'ed in the BIG potty.

And she even remembered to wash her hands, and thats a more successful potty than most adults lol.

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