August 4, 2011

Lets start a tradition...

   Last year Jason, Liliana and I took our first family weekend trip to Pittsburgh. We visited the Childrens Museum, Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, the Aviary, and lastly we took a stroll down china town or wherever it was, I dont really remember what it was called all i know is that it was awesome!!!!!

Well this year we stopped into Pittsburgh for only one night but we managed to fit in the Childrens Museum and Zoo . We probaly could have fit in a few more places but we discovered IKEA and anyone who knows what I am talking about knows what happened with all of our time. Holy Smokes that store is amazing. So amazing that we are pretty much planning a big trip to IKEA to buy pretty much all new furniture. See look at IKEA go, taking over not only my vacation but now taking over my vacation blog hehehe I love that store. I am going to slowly back away from the IKEA topic  right now but i swear it is like crack it seriously is the HAPPIEST place on earth... well to anyone who isn't a toddler ( sorry lily ).

                                Ok back to our little trip!

   I really don't have all that much to say about it other than, minus IKEA lily was great. She loved sleeping in the hotel ( ok well laying in the bed, that is a whole diff story in it's self.... ugh stupid drunks and thier firealarms), she thought the childrens museum was the greatest place on earth, and loved the zoo as usual, but so could have done without the aquarium. She wasn't even impressed with the Polar Bears and Sharks swimming next to and above her in the walk thru tunnel.. I mean come on Lily a Polar Bear was swimming all around you and you wanted to go run around in the open auditorium. Oh yeah she is 22 months old ... forgot.. but the polar bears were awesome, don't worry though Jason was able to stay in the tunnel and get some pretty sweet pictures for the baby book.

                     Needless to say our weekend was filled with much laughter, smiles, and fun!!!!!!

Oh and a HIGH SPEED POLICE CHASE .... thats right people those cop cars were going 100 mph going the wrong way on the cramped freeway chasing a shoplifter from drum roll please... you guessed it...wal-mart lol It really was scary though the cops were driving like crazy people thank goodness Jason was driving lol

More pictures from our awesome get-a-way to come, for now just look at Lily last year at the zoo compared to this year. CRAZY right?

Oh yeah and this right here ^^^ yeah that is our new yearly tradition sorry lily you will stand in front of this pole every year until you are 18 thats right :) and than even than you know we are going to try and make you take a picture here


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