February 28, 2011

Our Weekend

This Weekend started with a Horrible snowstorm that left the roads in shambles and ended with an even worse rain/wind/thunderstorm that left roads and basements flooded.
Luckly, our weekend wasn't that eventful.
We laughed, loved, and played all weekend
While Jason rested at home healing; Lilybear and I made an appearance at the end of the evening to celebrate my cousins and sisters birthdays.
We had so much fun. Lily even made friends with her second cousin Joey.
I have not laughed so hard in along time. We had a blast hanging out with everyone on Saturday night. 
Sunday, we longed for Spring. Lily and I smelled our flowers and talked about everything that we will do once the snow melts and the temperature rises.
I can not wait for this spring. We are going to have to much fun together as a family.
Although I should not be rushing anything along.
With that said I sure hope it snows one more time so that i can take lily out on the sled.

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