February 3, 2011

Our Lilybear has been sick. Not just your usual runny nose and cold sick, but actually sick. She has Bronchiolitis. She has been on a nebulizer for the past week, which has been very hard emotionally on all of us. Not only does she look at you with the worlds sadest eyes when you reach for the medication, but she cries so hard. Luckly Jason has mastered the book distraction with her, so that helps a lot.

Fortunitly, as of Tuesday she seems to be feeling 99% back to normal. Still has the horrible sounding cough and booger nose, but other than that her appetite, and easy going attitude is back. Yay it is so wonderful to have my healthy, happy, baby girl back to normal.

So I apologize for going MIA on everyone, but we are back. :)

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