July 13, 2012

A day for new friends

"Childhood is when the world to come is an adventure to be met"

It is one of my greatest joys to be able to watch Lily grow into this wonderful little person that she is. To be able to witness her achievements day in and day out. To watch her overcome obstacles and learn from past experiences. 
I marvel at all that is my Liliana.

Recently lily and I have been very fortunate to have been blessed with a few very wonderful new friendships. It is really neat to be making friends with mama's who have kiddos around the same age. And it is even neater ( if that is even a real word) to be able to watch Lily develop these little friendships.

Just the other day Lily and I met a friend and her adorable little boy up at the duck pond for a quick mid morning stroll. It was a real pleasure to watch Lily and him interact with one another, though they are almost exactly a year apart they played so well together. They chased each other among-st the trees, explored the lily ponds, and searched for birds. 
 Though our trip was short it was definitely a sweet one.

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