May 5, 2012

Dear Liliana,

Dear Liliana,
  I know it has been too long since the last time that I have sat down and written you a letter, our lives lately have been a whirlwind of adventures and it has been hard for me to step back and soak everything in. With that being said I would like to take this time to write to you, my beautiful loving 31 month old little girl.
  You are growing at lightning speed and I feel like I have to update my computer background everyweek because it seems like you grow a little taller with each passing day. And all that I can do is sit back and watch you blossom into this gorgeous whole hearted loving girl.
  Watching you interact with the world has really opened my eyes to just how much we are all affected and shaped by our interactions with others. You are at the age where everyone and everything is a friend and the world is all good. You approach everyone you encounter as if their sole purpose for being on this earth is to hold your hand, or dance, or play with you. I can only imagine how amazing the world must look through your eyes.
  I watch you while we are out and I'm amazed with how easily you interact with everyone. No hesitations. No concern about how you will be recieved. You have no concept of rejection or exclusion, and it is marvelous. Often you will walk right up to an unsuspecting friend and just take their hand. It usually catches the older children off guard and they will stand there frozen for a moment while they try to decide what to do about this tiny smiling little girl who is gripping their hand or wraping them in a bear hug.
  Sometimes they pull away, clearly uncomfortable. Other times they will melt into your embrace and smile back at you. However, when it is made clear that embraces are unwelcomed. I step in and remind you that sometimes people do not like to be touched, and remind you of "personal space".( no matter how old or busy I get Lily, you are my personal space and your embrace is always encouraged and welcomed) But while I never want to make another child feel uncomfortable there is a part of you that just amazes me athe the innocence in which you hand out love and acceptance so gratuitously.
  One day the world will teach you that it's not acceptable to hand out hugs freely when the desire to do so strikes. That making friends is not as easy as taking the hand of another and merely smiling at them. Though I it should be. That not everyone will like you, or want to dance and spin until they are unsteady with dizziness. And it weighs heavy on my heart to think that some of these lessons will be learned before you even enter into kindergarden.
  You Liliana, are the purest of pure right now. A tiny sponge for life. Soaking in all of the hapiness and pure love and sending it out into the world. You are walking living breathing love. You are the rainbow after the storm, the unsuspecting flower growing on the sidewalk. In the moment you are everything the world will one day try and contain - overwhelming love and light. And once again I am amazed daily at how much you have taught me about what it truely means to live and what it looks like to giver yourself over to the mere pleasure of being alive.


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