September 14, 2011

Lilys 2nd b-day party.. and some special thanks

Thats right Lily's 2nd birthday was themed after one of her very favorite books. Dr Seuss "Green Eggs and Ham".
The party started off kind of rocky with rain showers all night and all morning/afternoon long. But luckly enough for us we were under a shelter and the refreshing rains kept those pesky bugs and mosquitoes at bay.

 When guests walked in, we asked them to sign the “guest book” which was a special party edition copy of Green Eggs and Ham. I wanted Lily to have a keepsake from the big day of who was there to celebrate her second birthday!

                                                We served of course Green Eggs and Ham.
 But, that was not all we also had Rigatoni with sausage, pizza, and of course a tray of carrots and celery and cantalope and honeydew ( had to stay with the green and orange theme lol) . 

  For dessert we had a deliciouse white cake, cake balls shaped as balls and green hams, and sugar cookies decorated as green eggs.

 Lilys Party was soo much fun to put together. And I am so thankful to EVERYONE who helped out with  making this day so special for Lilybear.
Special Thanks to Jason for putting up with me the past two months lol and for making such a delicious ham
                            Amy for baking sugar cookies at midnight for me
                            Justin for helping me wrap silverware oh ya thats right, he watched me wrap silverware lol
                                      j/k thank you for dipping the cake balls for me
                            My in laws for helping me decorate and for making the o so delicious Rigatoni
                            My wonderful mother for heling out with browines and making the awesome green eggs.
                            Lindsey for keeping me sane while working on the invitations and for letting me use all of
                                       your awesome supplies. They came out spectacular couldn't have done it without
Could not have done it without any of you!!!!!!!!!
Lily is so lucky to have so much love and support all around her.

Here are some pictures from the party, that i have currently stolen from all my fmaily members bc my computer is broke and i can not upload my own

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