July 17, 2011

22 Months

Dear Liliana,

    You turned twenty-two months on Tuesday and all we have to show for it is a bubbly amazing little girl.  This boggles my mind, lilybear. How your father and I ever lucked out and created YOU, someone so much better than either of us.  All I know is that I’m glad we did.  You are still, now and forever, the very best part of our lives together.  You made us a family.

   Your comprehension and language development has been astounding to witness this month.  Every day you make new associations that stun us.  Just the other week, I took you to the beach to relax and play in the sand ( notice i didn't say in the water, because for some reason you are absolutely terrified of going within 5 feet of the water, and not just the lake, ponds,creeks, and pools too) As we played in the sand something caught your eye, your face beamed and you jumped to your feet exclaiming"wook mama wook a kite a kite" and before I could parrot kite back to you, you jumped with excitement "mama kite fly in the sky high,wook mama kite in the sky" I was so taken back that you knew what a kite was let alone what it was doing and where. After the man with the Kite left, you were still so taken in by the flying kite that we talked about it, and do you know what you told me? You told me "Mama kite and ba-fly(butterfly) fly high in sky" Lily you make me so proud and continue to amaze me Every single day.

  You also have embarked on the wonderful world of imaginary play. Sometimes while I am doing the dishes or getting lunch ready you will disappear. I always know exactly where to find you, in your room. You love your room but more importantly in your room, is your doll house. You absolutely ADORE your doll house you play so contently with just yourself, bun, and of course the people who live in your beloved house. Just the other day I found in the store accessories for your house and i picked up the babies room one; complete with crib, rocking chair, and seat. You were thrilled. Now whenever you play you kiss the baby on the head and gently put her in her crib, never forgetting to cover her with her blanky.


  Also you have actually decided enough was enough and that my mother and daddy's mother will no longer be "a very grunt like noise" but be "grammie and nana" . You adore your grandparents. We actually have to be careful about when we talk about them around you, because you automatically get your "shooz" and run to the door saying "cum on mama wetz go".

  And oh my goodness your ability to memorize things is very impressive. You know words to pretty much all of your songs and don't just sing them while they are playing in the cd player, but you will break out in song a dance at any given minuet. That my little one is amazing. Not to mention you can sing the abc's with little or no help from me, count to 12 and actually know what you are counting, and talk about pretty much every color, all though you love to tell me everything is either BOO (blue) or WED (red).

  You are such an amazing little girl, and I am soooooo proud to be your mother. I love you to the moon and back sweetie, and with all of the changes that we are constantly going through that is one thing that will NEVER change.

Love, your mama

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