April 6, 2011

Dear Liliana,

  Tonight we took you to the mall for a quick trip; you waived to the Easter Bunny and Mommy and Daddy got fitted for wedding bands, and than we left. Once we got you back in the car and buckled up, we noticed Bunny was missing. ( oh jeez just writting this im tearing up). I took off back into the mall rushing around asking everyone if they had seen a little well loved pink bunny blanket. I retraced our steps over and over again, and filled out countless missing item reports. Disappointed and heart broken for you I fought back tears as I walked back to the car checking each garbage can that I pasted. I could not believe how upset I was over a tiny lost bunny.
  Being your Mother has changed so much inside of  me. It has made me a much stronger women. Yet instilled this warm soft spot, that lets my heart break at just the thought of you hurt, sad, or disappointed. I wish that i could shield and protect you from all those things. But i know no matter how hard I try I can not.
  With that being said, I am happy and relieved to say YOU had bunny with you the whole time. As I walked out of the mall and back into the parking. Head hung down low. I looked up and there you were smiling and waving at me bunny in hand, just where she belonged snuggled in your embrace.
  You teach me so much everyday about life. And today I learned that my heart though very strong, can break in a instant for you. Also, that i really need to keep a better eye on bunny when i let you bring her places. I love you so much Liliana, you are my world my everything and i promise to protect you from as much hurt and disappointment as humanly possible

Lily's Well Loved Pink Bunny
Grandma bought Lily Bun when she was 3 months old.. It was love and friendship at first sight
Bunny is such a big part of our family


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