March 17, 2011

"Meals and Memories are Made Here"
This is the saying i want plastered on my kitchen wall. I want Lily to have all the best memories in the world of her and her family together in our kitchen.
We are doing pretty well so far living up to this quote.
Lately, Liliana has taken a strong interest in our kitchen. We have been trying to involve her in everything that we do while preparing, cooking, and cleaning up. And she is doing GREAT and loving every minuet of it. 
  Eventually, we would like to invest in a little partners "learning tower" for her; which is basically a childs stool that is completley enclosed and height adjustable. No chances of falling out, pinching fingers, or tipping over in this baby. But unfortunitly it is a little out of out price range right now, so for now we use a very nice wooden high chair that my aunt shawn has given us. It works perfectly well for Liliana's size and height .
    Lily is so cute as soon as she see's me in the kitchen getting anything ready to cook she immediatley runs in the kitchen and trys to pull her chair out saying down-down ( which still means up to her ). She loves to help, and even just watch what I am doing. So far Lily has made shamrock sugar cookies, cornbread, spagetti, stuffed peppers, enchiladas and that is only to name a few. She is my little helper thats for sure. Here are a few pictures of our cornbread adventure the other night.

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